Hearts and Minds

There is nothing like having a change of heart about something. How do we get so stuck in OUR ways of thinking? We, literally, do NOT think about how our words or actions impact ourselves and others around us. Why would the scripture say in Proverbs 4:23, "Above anything else, guard your heart, for out of it flows all things," you may ask? Think about it! What do you allow in your minds through your senses, gets into your heart and mind and then if you keep dwelling on that thing, whatever it is, it stays - good or bad, true or untrue, fiction or non-fiction. The scripture also says to "Choose life". We live in a very distinct period of time where the choices seem pretty clear to me in some respects and others very subtle. I have always told people that not once when Jesus walked the earth did he have death follow him in his words or actions. Life always preceded Him and followed Him everywhere he went. Hearts and minds are the key to having your nightmares or dreams come true. ♡ - Dawn

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